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Free Games Giveaway – Two Copies Of Torchlight!

Interested in winning one of two copies of Torchlight? Well now is your chance! As a note Steam which is a free game distribution service is REQUIRED to accept your prize. Torchlight is available for PC, Linux and Mac!

The Rules: I will be picking the top two winners based on who I think the best job promoting this contest! This could be on Facebook, Twitter, forums, webpages, etc. Please don’t spam and post in appropriate places! Also you MUST Like our Facebook page! Bonus points for including our sister sites and Please provide proof of your promoting with links and/or screenshots. Make sure the e-mail you register to the site with is legit because that is what I will use to send you the game!

Deadline: Sunday October 13th at 5pm EST.

Thanks and take care! Check back for more giveaways as I want to do them on a weekly (or 48 hour) basis!! If you have any questions or troubles please e-mail at!